Boating for the first time, or going up a class size or two in vessel size can be intimidating:

Engines, machinery, and systems need a basic level of understanding to know what you need to keep an eye on. What do you need to check before a day of boating?

How do we depart the slip? How do we return? What do we need to keep in mind when maneuvering in tight spaces? What do we need to keep an eye on when we are underway? How do we deploy or retrieve the anchor?

Operating a new or larger vessel can present challenges!

A day aboard with Bill can go along way towards getting you past what would normally be a several month learning curve. As a United States Coast Guard licensed captain, a certified and accredited marine surveyor, and a seasoned skipper with over 30 years of vessel operation, maintenance, service and repair experience, Bill can quickly bring you up to speed.

A day aboard with Bill generally starts with a casual discussion about some important things to think about in regards to operating and owning that specific vessel. We then go to the machinery and electrical systems to go over general principles, operation, and what needs to be checked before the vessel is started and operated: What is normal? what do you need to keep an eye on? What are maintenance points and concerns?

Bring all of you questions, a notebook, food, drink, and a sense of humor.

A day on the water with Bill can help you learn about your vessel more quickly!