Bill Potter is experienced in the use of: micrometers, calipers, phenolic and ball peen hammers, multimeters, polarity and GFCI function testers, frequency meters, decibel meters, carbon monoxide meters, moisture meters,  high resolution digital cameras, laser measurement gear, stray current/ electrolytic/ galvanic corrosion detection gear, specialty testing gear, compression testers, photo tachometers, diagnostic computers and software, infrared cameras, and old fashioned measuring tapes: All of this gear has its place in Bill's survey equipment cases, and he keeps it all readily at hand.

It's a matter of using the right equipment to acquire real, meaningful information.

For over thirty years, Bill has carefully selected specialty testing gear, and perfected its use...

Bill has the background, technical training, and hands on experience to deliver the survey inspection and report discriminating clients demand.