Testimonials & Comments:

"My name is Anthony Lupo, and I used Bill Potter to survey a 51' Riviera. Bill Potter is professional in every sense of the word. He is by far the most experienced and the most qualified surveyor I interviewed. His willingness to share his knowledge, in a fun and informative way, made my experience with Bill one that I will always remember. His survey report was extremely detailed, and put my mind at ease during this very stressful process of buying a yacht for the first time. He tells it like it is before, during, and after the survey. I have only met with Bill the day of my survey, but I left that meeting feeling like I have known him for years. I would certainly use him again and I strongly recommend him.

Thank you,

Anthony Lopu"

"Excellent report... my gut was telling me to pass..."

Paul N

Long Island, New York

"Thanks, excellent report.

I'll address your recommendations once I get the boat."

Jason, K.

Ozona, Florida

Bill. Thanks very much !

I appreciate the professional level of your service.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Thanks again for all of your help today...you made it great experience!

Thanks again, Denis, S"

West Palm Beach

"Bill thanks for this. You are very thorough and professional. I appreciate your help."

Joe B.

Naples, Florida

"That was a comprehensive report. Seriously- that was much better than I expected. Thank you."

Officer Robert S.

West Palm Beach, Florida

"Thanks you for all the time you spent yesterday and the thorough report. It was a pleasure."

Brandon C

Cape May, New Jersey

"Bill great job thank you... We went to chenge the exhaust hose clamps you reported on, and they broke in our hands... Will use you to inspect our boat more often...an effort to keep the boat in good shape. Thanks again."

Ross F.

Miami, Florida


Thank you so much. You were just incredible to work with."

Eric R.

Seattle, Washington

"Bill, ...Thank you again for providing a great survey. I still have not complaints. Additional thanks for the anti corrosion notes "

Rowe P.

Deland, Florida

"Hey Bill... I appreciate all your help and your time. Thanks"

Chris T.

Long Island, New York


Great meeting you. Your survey was very informative and thorough. I couldn't ask or with for a better experience."

Levi G.

Detroit, Michigan

"Thank you Bill,

It was a pleasure spending the day with you during the survey and learning about the boat. Learned a lot."

Warm regards,

Ignacio S.

Miami, Florida 

"wow nice report bill. This is why you are a legend. Thanks"

Billy H.

Dania Beach, Florida

"Thanks for the recommendations. I really appreciate it and will work diligently to have all corrected in the shortest possible time. I knew there was work to be done, but not aware there were so many (items). I am glad I was recommended to a true professional and dedicated person like you to provide your honest opinion.

Thanks a million.


Elijah S."

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Thanks Bill.

Great report. I really appreciate it. I think I'll be a very happy owner of a 41 Hatteras for many years.


Severna, Maryland

"Thank you bill- I appreciate your detailed survey of the cape horn. I can see why you come so highly recommended.

Thanks again!


Ocean City, Maryland

"Thank you Bill very thorough assessment"

Mike D.

Ocean City, Maryland

"Thanks for the update.... we appreciate your saving us a major headache down the road. Thanks again. bill and bessie m"

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Thank you for making the time to get us into your tight schedule. I look forward to once again having the privilige to learn from you and watch you in action. Kind regards, and a million thanks for helping us make this happen.

Captain Lu"

Deerfield Beach, Florida

"Bill the report is great....excellent detail. Stuff I wouldn't have considered. Thank you."

Trevor W.

Tampa, Florida

"Thanks bill, I appreciate your patience with the whole deal, and your professional

attitude.  Seller a bit of a hand full."

Brad S.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

"Good morning Bill. Good job!! Toby said he was very impressed with how thorough you were, and would not hesitate to use you or recommend you you to his friends.

Thank you,

Tom F."

Outer Banks, North Carolina

"Good morning, thanks for the report, we will review it. It's very professional.

Rodrigo, A."

Costa Rica

"Hi Bill,

I need to thank you again for all your help.... Your advice already made me less than enthusiastic about the deal before I saw a 20 % compression difference on the one cylinder. Your opinion was obviously well worth the cost.


Ray P." 

Key Largo, Florida


your survey was awesome. I can't ask for anything better. I am in the process of purchasing the boat. Thank you for all your help. If I have any questions I will call you thanks again

Jim M."

Daytona, FL

"the owner said four other surveyors have surveyed the boat and didn't find the problems- I said "that's because they didn't have Bill Potter survey the boat"

Thanks Bill.

Rubi I."

Coral Gables, FL

"Hi Bill:

Thank you very much for your promptness. I really appreciate it. It also appears the seller is willing to do most of the items on the list. Again, thank you for your professionalism.

Gabe D."

Miami, FL

"Attached you will see the contact card for Gill Potter, also copied on this email.

Bill is highly qualified and a trusted associate of ours. He does 99.9% of our survey work and every customer we have referred to him has received an incredibly detailed and well written survey.

I'll leave you to discuss the what/when and how part of the survey details directly with Bill. I do know his schedule is very full as he is a survey authority in high demand.

Hope this helps!

Rob K."

Miami, FL

"Hey Bill

Just now read your entire report in detail and I must say - you are very thorough. Very professionally presented but easy to read and understand as well.

I think they are going to see to the survey issues and make sure all it properly addressed and satisfied...

...Anyway, thanks again for your efforts, diligence and followup. I'm glad I chose you to do the survey!!

Steve W."

Houston, TX


Thanks, Thanks for your attention to detail.


Houston, TX

"Hi Bill

Sorry getting back to you so late as you know business can be crazy at times.. Just wanted to thank you for a amazing survey. Above and beyond what I anticipated.

Thank you again

Shane P."

San Diego, CA

"Good afternoon Bill, I want to thank you for the opportunity to meet with you and have you perform the survey. You are a wealth of knowledge and a gentleman. I look forward to meeting with you again...hope you have a great evening.

Dave R."

Boulder, CO

"Hi Bill, 

It was nice to meet you as well, thanks for the thorough survey and report on the boat. Let me look through this and let you know if I have any questions.

Best regards,

Jorge B."

Miami, FL

"Hi Bill,

Also enjoyed our time together and appreciate your efforts on the survey. One quick questions - where on the "acceptable" scale is the 690 millivolt reading (middle, barely acceptable, high???). Let me consume the report in a bit more detail and if I have any other questions reply to your gracious offer to respond.

Take care,

Greg L."

Huntington Beach, CA

"Thanks Bill

Appreciate you thoroughness and professionalism

If I ever move up, I will get in touch.


Stuart, FL

"Hi Bill:

The pleasure was ours. You were a wonderful source of knowledge and experience.

Thank you for all your help. Have a wonderful weekend.

Gabe D."

Miami, FL

"Thanks so much, The report like always is very well put together and professional, I always enjoy talking with you and your company, Take care Mr. Bill

Mike A."

Pembroke Pines, FL


Thanks for the great work you did today!!...

Again, Thanks so much for hard work and I look forward to getting your full report soon!! 


Marty B."

Sarasota, FL

“Thank you, Bill. Was great to meet you yesterday. Thanks for a very thorough and professional survey. I am glad that I was there because you really taught me a lot about the boat. I read through the formal survey last night word for word, I actually read through it twice! Very nice report with a lot of great information. Thanks again for all of your help.

Joe G.”

Bradenton, FL


“Bill, Thanks, Your survey is very thorough. I will use you in the future and recommend to my clients.

Best Regards,

Lang R.”

Ft Lauderdale, FL


“Hi Bill, Thank you very much for your help. They are going to come part of the way and make some fixes/replacements regarding you recommendations.

Thanks again, appreciate all your help

Derek K.”

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


“Thank you Bill,

I appreciate your hard work completing the survey, made me feel very confident about making this large purchase. It was a pleasure meeting you. You can feel confident that if ever someone asks me if I know a surveyor that I will surely pass on your information. God Bless and thanks again.”

Marco P.

Cutler Bay, FL


“Hello Mr. Potter,

Thank you very much for your assistance with this. The report is extremely detailed and useful. Excellent work!”

Ismael P.

Miami, Fl


“Great job, Bill. Thanks!”

Marcus S.

Key West, FL


“Hi Bill, hope alls good, I want to thank you for your services you saved a ton of money, and gained a new actually 2 new customers the seller said he would use you next time he buys a boat. LOL”

Jamie P.

Tampa, FL


“I was exhausted just watching you [surveying]”

Pat V.



“Hi Bill I wanted to thank you for your time and effort. I know you went out of your way and it means a lot to me and you have been of great help.

Thank you.”

Carlos A.

Republic of Panama


“Bill. Thanks for the report excellent job. We are going forward.”

Kenneth B.

Vernon, CT


“Thanks Bill! Really appreciate the focus on the boat on Firday.”

Derek G.

Rogers, AR

"Thanks very much Bill Pleasure meeting you Appreciate you get this to me.

Rob O."

Coconut Grove

"I just had a survey done, and he was not as thorough as you...Thanks bill, you are surely the best surveyor in south Florida.

Dr. Brian W."

Las Vegas, Nevada

"Hi Bill:

I know its your job and I know I paid you for it, but thanks for the time and effort yesterday. I think everyone on the boat made the comment "He sure seems thorough" to me at some point during the day.

Best, Hal S"

Jupiter, Florida

"Thank you for your help. I would and will recommend your service to anyone who asks. You have been very helpful in my decision to purchase this vessel"

Chris B

Cleveland, Ohio

"HI Bill,

Thanks. It was great to meet you.


Joe A."

Long Island, New York


Thank you. This is exactly what I was hoping to get in a report.

Arden W." 


"Thanks Bill,

I'm back on the grid again and have looked over the report several times, the chat on the phone did a lot to ease my mind too. Thanks for all your help! If I know anyone looking to buy from the area, I'll be sure to pass on your details.

Cheers, Simon"

Queensland, Australia

"Hey Bill,

A way overdue response to your Survey results and recommendations: very thorough and easy to interpret- thank you. I was not expecting a Market Value Estimate to go along with the survey- that was appreciated.

Thanks for a very thorough survey and accompanying words of wisdom. 

Nate E."

Palmetto Bay, Florida

"Hey Bill,
​​"Thorough as always! That's why you are the best. I appreciate all your help. Will Keep you posted.

Thank you,


Boynton Beach, Florida

"Hey survey looks great. I love the attention to detail...

Thanks, Kristian"

New York, New York


Thank you for the very professional and hard work you undertook today on my behalf. I was impressed by your thoroughness and diligence in your survey.


Henry P."

Fort Worth, Florida

"Hey Mr. Bill!

I wanted to send you a note and update you on our progress. Both Dane and I cannot thank you enough for the education that you took the time to give us. It has been and continues to be invaluable. 

If you every need a recommendation or anything, please let us know. We are very happy clients. If we hear of anyone needing a survey, we will send them your way.

Again, many thanks,

Carol and Dane"

Hagerstown, Maryland

"Dear Bill,

Thanks a lot for an amazing job."

German C.

Miami Beach, Florida

"HI Bill,

Thanks a lot for your excellent professional assistance."

Antonio M.


"Thanks for the report Bill. Much appreciated. Very thorough...

Thanks again, and appreciate your experience here."


Coral Gables, Florida


Thank you very much for the report. I have never needed a marine survey before and have always been slightly skeptical of what use one could actually be- besides the tests performed on the engines(s). I am very impressed with your work and learned a lot that will help me in my future boat shopping. Due to the issues you brought to my attention, I am going to pass on this (vessel). I am now much more of a believer in the need of a survey from a good surveyor... I believe your work will save me quite a bit of money and headaches down the road. I say thank you again..."


Boca Raton, Florida

"Hi Bill,

It was nice to meet you and appreciate the efforts you put in for thorough evaluation of the boat...

Thanks Bill, excellent report.


Roger L."

Cape May, New Jersey

"Thanks Bill. Great report.

Best regards,

Ignacio, J."

Miami Beach, Florida


Excellent work. This gives me a nice punch list to go to work. 

Thank you,"

Dave R.

Boston, MA.

"Good morning Bill,

... we both cannot tell you how much your information has helped us in deciding which way to go.



"Hi Bill,

I recently took delivery of the boat and we are very happy.

Thanks, Ed C."

Coral Gables, Florida

"Hi Bill,

I hope all is well with you. ... you did a survey for me in January of 2014. I have since referred a few people to you... I am purchasing a 60' (convertible). I would like to see if I can get you for the survey... 


Michael C." 

Boston, MA

"Hey Bill thanks for your time! It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to be in some service to you in the future. Thank you for the professional survey and the great detail you put into your work!"

Alex T. 

Cutler Bay, Florida

"Hi Bill,

Thank you very much for doing (the survey) inspection. My family learned a lot during the process. We are going to speak with (the salesman) about fixing these items. Thanks again.


Jeff A."

Lighthouse Point, Florida


Thank you for the list; it's perfect to give to my boat guys tomorrow morning!! I like the fact that its straight forward and to the point and even I understand everything.

Thanks again for your time on Tuesday, both my brother and I came away with much needed knowledge about this boat and also about boats in general.

I have a feeling I'll be seeing you again in a few years if not before!

            The best to you and your family, 

                                                                      Lenny & Joe"

                                                                     Naples, Florida

"Good day Bill,
Thank you for your excellent report. I really appreciate the attention to detail, and the precision of the qualitative condition of the items referred to in your report. I have found the report a very useful tool not only in evaluating the original purchase, but as a convenient reference for prioritizing the work and assignment of tasks with the various vendors. Your survey has proven to be a very good investment, and I am very pleased it was one of the first things we had done."


Bill O


"HI Bill,
I wanted to thank you for a great job with the survey."

James R.

Slidel, Louisiana

"HI Bill,

Carol and I have gone over your report.
Thank you, nicely presented, and as I have already commented, very meticulous."

Dr. David P. 

Cape Cod, Massachusetts


Thank you for the survey. I found it very thorough and professional."

Darren W. 

Hobe Sound, Florida

"Hi Bill,
...looks like you did a hell of a good job."

Victor S.

Miami, Florida

Thank you again.
Deal went south and probably a good thing. You saved me a lot of headache and will get my recommendation anytime.
If I look in that area again, I will give you a shout."

Brendan F.

Norwalk, Connecticut

Thanks for everything. I really appreciate the thoroughness of the survey. Heading down this weekend to get the boat.
PS- Dave the owner stated he was very impressed with how thorough and professional you were. He stated that if he needs to have a boat surveyed in the area, he will be using you.

Thanks Again,"

Brandon A.

Cambridge, Maryland

"Thank you Bill, and I'm grateful for your help."

Derick G.

Miami, Florida

"Bill Potter Marine Surveys is my first recommendation for a boat survey in south Florida. Bill Was able to conduct a sea trial, boat, and motor survey, and provide with results to have the confidence and information to close the deal on my latest boat. He is an accredited and experienced surveyor that I have no hesitation to recommend to anyone looking at surveying a vessel".

COL Pat Cortez
United States Army 


Thanks for the report, it is comprehensive and well laid out.
Thanks for the help; very professional experience."

Steve R.

Miami, Florida

"Bill I wanted to thank you for a great job on my survey and tell you how much I appreciate you getting it to me so .......that I was able to make arrangements to get the boat this weekend...wanted to say how truly appreciative I am. Thanks again. I know your services were truly worth the wait.
Another satisfied customer

Shaun L."

"Hey bill thanks for everything yesterday, you did a great job as usual."

Max V.

Coral Gables, FL

"Thanks Bill, [the report] looks great"

Dr. Evan D.

Miami, Florida

"Bill, thank you for a very thorough report. It has been most useful in getting some of the more important things done on the boat before taking ownership.

Barry S"

Miami, Florida

"Thank you much for your efforts.
Great job.
I was able to get client a (sizeable) allowance.
Merry Christmas

Hobe Sound, Florida

"Nuts and bolts guy; just the facts"

Richard W.
Miami, Florida

"Good morning Bill,

I must thank you for your time and effort carrying out this survey for us. It was clear, concise, and thorough. I will be moving forward with the purchase and have comfort with the knowledge and facts of your survey."

Kind regards Cameron V. 
Papamoa Beach, New Zealand

"Thanks Bill, report is great, nice format and easy to read. Thanks again for a very complete survey and report."

William W. (SAMS accredited marine surveyor), 
Baltimore, Maryland

"THANK YOU! You have been very helpful in calming me about a 14 year old boat. Thanks for your expertise and knowledge."

Miami, Florida

Just a quick note to say thank you for doing such an amazing job with both or our inspections. ..... As always thanks for a superb job.

Thanks again"

Jonathan F.
Miami, Florida

"I wanted to write to say thank you again for all of your work put in to the surveys on the yacht. I really appreciated the detain included... and definitely recognize you went above-and-beyond for me. It is appreciated!.... It was still a bit surprising to find that much wrong on a 2 year old vessel, but the work you did allowed me to get it all repaired by the builder prior to sale. I'm also updating all safety equipment to USCG standards prior to the trip, so appreciated the detail there Bill.

Please feel free to use me as a reference if you ever need one. I'd also be happy to give a nice testimonial or statement if you ever collect such things for your website or other materials. Again, as a consultant myself, I know the effort it takes to keep customers happy and go to the level of detail that you did. Again, thank you!!"

Travis F.
Sanibel Island, Florida

It looks good. It is thorough, comprehensive, well organized, clear cut in the writing and description. I think you did a great job, and thanks again. I'll keep in touch."

James B.
Coral Gables, Florida

I want to thank you for your professionalism. You did a great job and I will refer your name to anyone who asks. Thanks again."

James L.
Palmetto Bay, Florida

"Bill Potter is Awesome."

Rafael O
Miami, Florida 

"Great report. I don't think you'll need it, but if you ever need a recommendation, feel free to give them my name.

Thanks for your work"

Harry E.
Punta Gorda, Florida

Very comprehensive report, best I've seen. Truly appreciate the detailed recommendations and time you spent with me throughout this process. Thank you again for the tremendous level of service and well though out report. I would recommend you to anyone looking for Marine Survey services in South Florida."

Steve M.
Charleston, Couth Carolina 

(Bill Potter) "will go through the boat with a fine tooth comb"

Leonard G.
Cincinnati, Ohio

"Awesome thank you Bill, really was a pleasure doing business with you and your professional approach on everything. If I need a boat surveyor again or if anyone ever ask me for a recommendation you are it!!!"

Mike P
Miami, Florida 

"Thanks Bill. The report looks great- Very detailed! I would (and will) definitely recommend your services."

Christopher V
Biloxi, Mississippi

Excellent job I appreciate your thorough report. It was good meeting you."

Best Regards,


"Mr. Bill Potter...all I can once say again is thank you. It was a pleasure in all aspects working with you and I wish I had more vessels for you to inspect! 

Let me know where I can submit a writeup, recommendation or whatever kind of thing...id be happy to do so."

Kurt O
Pompano, Florida

"Thank you for this very thorough report, Bill. Clearly you know what you were doing!"

Jim B.
Miami, Florida

"Thanks for doing such a thorough job. I will highly recommend you in the future"

Jim L.
Panama City, Florida

"Thanks! I will be sure to recommend you"

Jon S.
Coconut Grove, Florida

"Thank you Bill
Awesome job, I sent it to the insurance company."

Jack G.
Miami, Florida

"Outstanding Bill, thanks very much for all your assistance. Thanks so much for your valuable input. Have a great weekend!"

Best regards,

Marc S.
Miami, Florida

"Thanks a million Bill. Great report!! I really appreciate the advice from the other day as well. You have a ton of wisdom from this industry, and I am very grateful for you sharing some with me."

Best Regards,

Cory M
Miami, Florida

"Thanks Bill. looks great..."

Evan D. 
Miami, Florida

"You did a good job on this. Thank you! 
I really appreciate your thorough job and attention to detain...

Coconut Grove, Florida

"Thanks Bill. Everyone has been so complementary of your work--Including both brokers. It made it a no-brainer to wait until you had availability to do this survey as well. I appreciate you accommodating us both times. Thanks for being a true professional and giving us such great service."

Eric C.
Sanford, Florida

Want to thank you for your survey which you conducted for us... I appreciate the time you took to get me aside and explain some things in layman language..... Just wanted to thank you for work and let you know how much I appreciate what you did and highlighted to us. Thank you for a job well done as you helped prevent us from making a huge mistake...."

Page C.
Mooresville, North Carolina


Dr. H.
Coral Gables, Florida

"Hello Bill,
Thanks foe the VERY professional job yesterday: I was extremely impressed with your thoroughness.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miami, Florida

"Very Impressive report. It was my pleasure to do business with you.



St. Louis, Missouri

"Hi Bill:

Thanks for the survey. We enjoyed meeting you and spending the day with you. With the results from your survey, we are going to buy the boat. All of the recommendations will be taken care of when we bet the boat up north. If any of our friends buy a boat in your area, we will recommend you to do the survey.
Thanks again

Bob & Donna"

"Hi Bill,
Thanks for your work on my survey, it looks great, I forwarded it to a close friend of mine who is also a boater and he was very impressed by how thorough it was."

Vancouver, British Columbia

"Thanks Bill,

You were very helpful.

Thanks, Mark"
Chicago, Illinois

"Survey looks awesome. Thanks Bill"

Josh C.
New Jersey

"Hi Bill,
I'm sorry that I'm emailing you so late but.. anyway just want to say thanks for your work, I definitely like the survey. I'll recommend you to anyone who will be asking me for a good surveyor in FL.
TY, Bill"


Really great report. Thanks! Passed it on to my friend, along with my recommendation."

Riviera Beach, Florida

"Thanks Bill,
Great survey; and under difficult weather too!
I truly appreciate your candor. I would happily recommend you to anyone needing a survey and/or a consultation on all things boat.
Best regards,


"Hey Bill,
Thanks for sending the survey, GREAT job."

Jon F.

Thanks for the detailed report: much more than I expected"

Mike C.
Boston, Massachusetts

I just wanted to thank you for your help. It saved me a lot of money and hassle. You were very professional. I will let people know about you if they need a surveyor anywhere near your area. 
Thanks again!

San Diego, California

Thank you for an outstanding job. The report is from what I observed- complete and extremely accurate. Have a great weekend.
Thanks again,

Delray Beach, Florida


Thank you for your time during the survey and thank you for your thorough report. Based on your survey, I bought the boat the next day. I would not have without  such a thorough and reliable survey. I appreciate the time you took to itemize your recommendations. It provides me with a guide when approaching repairs"

Ben S.


Thanks for the report. Very comprehensive- it accurately depicts what we discussed...it also provided a nice prioritized road map for repairs/upgrades. Many thanks for all the hard work, and most importantly the candor in laying out the facts and information to help me make an informed decision"

Tim M.

I just wanted to say thank you once again for all of the time that you took with me and the boat yesterday. I appreciate you fielding all of my questions, as well as your personal opinions on gear and setup that you offered and look forward to staying in touch with you and working with you in the future."

Tom A.
Boca Raton, Florida

"Best Survey Report I've seen in years.

Always a pleasure Bill.


Luis C.
Key Biscayne, Florida

"Thank you again for the survey and for answering all of our questions... The report is fantastic and extremely detailed! Your reputation is well-deserved and I'll certainly recommend you to anyone who asks me about boat surveys!

Take care, and thanks again...


"Hi Bill,
Just letting you know we (shipped) the boat, and she is now in New Zealand. Thanks very much for your report: No surprises when she arrived- very happy!!

Thanks again,


"Hi Bill
It was really a pleasure meeting you and working w
Thanks a lot and I will surely recommend you to my friend who is in the market to buy an intrepid also.
Take Care,

Coconut Grove, Florida

Thank you so much for everything on Monday...your thoroughness and knowledge made Lindsay and I feel very comfortable.

Thank you again!
Miami, Florida

"Dear Mr. Potter,

I did want to say that I recognize how diligent you were in arriving at a market price, how thorough your investigation was, and how professional your assessment was; I surrender to the result.

Thank you for your courtesy in this matter, and for your timelessness in meeting me at the marina and helping resolve this matter.

I wish you (and yours), the best,

Jose, F."

Miami, Florida
"Hi Bill,

Just a quick note to thank you again for all your efforts yesterday. The survey inspection was informative, educational, and fun besides. Wow! The report is terrific; all inclusive and detailed.

Larry S."

Miami Beach, Florida


First off, thanks.

I do see a lot of technical reports, nice job. You stick to the facts, provide photo documentation, site BEST practice or industry standard, and don't put in too much personal opinion. I liked it and I was pleased to do business with you.


Gordon Moser
Northeast Region Manager
GE Power & Water
Water & Process Technologies

"Bill, Can't thank you enough; it's like reading a report from the operating room"

Lee A. Polikoff, MD F.A.A.P.
Clinical Fellow
Section of Critical Care Medicine
Department of Pediatrics
Yale University
New Haven, CT.

Thank you for such an in depth report. I think you did a very good job of detailing the issues we observed (during the survey inspection and trial run). The report will serve me well; thanks!"

Mike C.

Tamarac, Florida

"Arrived safe and well.

Thanks for all your help on this.

Tampa, Florida

"Hello Bill,

Thanks very much for a great report"

Captain Brad
Miami Beach, Florida

"Thanks very much Bill.

It (the survey) was very concise and detailed.

Best Regards,"

Eric K
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


I've owned a lot of boats; done a lot of surveys: Yours is the best I've seen.

Pleasure doing business with you."

Paul D.

Pompano Beach, Florida

"Morning Bill,

Great report- thank you. I have purchased the boat, and am looking forward to getting it over here. I appreciate the recommendations that came with it- looks like most are fairly straightforward, and things I can take care of quickly the day before setting sail to the Bahamas.

Thanks again,
Chad W"
Nassau, Bahamas

"Good morning Bill,

Thanks for the report.

I am impressed with the quality or your report. We have been having surveys done of our larger vessels for years and your detail is superior."


Paul I"

Ontario, Canada

"Hello Bill,

Thank you for a thorough job on the survey. The extra effort and research is appreciated.

Thanks again for your professional help"

Ted B.

Cleveland, Ohio

"Thanks very much Bill. We appreciate your expertise and attention to detail.

Best Regards,

Miami, Florida

"Hey Bill, Just wanted to thank you again. The survey was absolutely amazing, very complete, very detailed, I'm very happy. We closed today.

Thank you very much: I'll be referring some people your way."

Dr. Robert H.
Miami, Florida

Thank you so much for the Great survey you did on my 32 Pro -Line. You didn't send me a report, you sent a novel with pictures!! Great Job!! You can never put a price on the piece of mind or the confidence you have in purchasing a new boat. If I was to try it would have been a lot more than the fee you charged.

Thanks again,


Orlando, Florida

"Hi Bill,

The survey looks great.. I appreciate all of your time and efforts spent conducting this survey. I feel confident we have made the right decision and look forward to getting on the water.

If you ever need a reference, we would be more than happy to share our survey experience.

It was a pleasure working with you.

Thank you very much,"

Pat Lamb

Orlando, Florida


Got her home safe and sound. Everyone was thoroughly impressed with your survey; myself included, so thank you very much."

Kevin R. 

Fernandina Beach, Florida

"Dear Bill:
We wanted to thank you for this survey. We found it very complete and very readable. 
Wanted to also tell you, should you EVER need a recommendation, please feel free to use or give our name. We would be delighted to help you.
Again, thank you.
Best regards,
Claudia and John"

Miami Beach, Florida

"Bill, excellent report! Thanks for all your help. Regards, Paul"

New York, New York

"Hi Bill, I have forwarded a copy to Larry.
Excellent report, you are a broker's worst nightmare and a buyer's best friend!



Bay of Islands, New Zealand

"Hi Bill, Just read thru survey. Great Job, I also like the pictures accompanying the subject matter. Thanks again, Paul"

Red Bank, New Jersey

"Thanks Bill,

It has been a pleasure working with you.

Mike G".

Stuart, Florida

Your report is very comprehensive; appreciate that. I shared the survey with some of the other boat owners in the office ans the owner of (the local marine service provider). All wish they would have had a survey conducted prior to their boat purchase. Thank you,

Mike B.
USAF Flight Test Engineer"

Hurlburt Field, FL 

"The boat made it safely up to Stuart yesterday. I can't thank you enough for the detailed work you provided yesterday (on the Intrepid survey)."

Tom S.

Stuart, Florida

"Very Impressive!!
Thank you for an extraordinary job!!
You Echo loudly your reputation!"

Andy F.

Miami, FL



Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Thanks for the great survey. The report is very easy to understand and real thorough. I asked many boaters for a recommendation on a marine surveyor and many of them mentioned your name. Your marine survey you performed on my Tiara was exceptionally detailed and both I and the boat broker were very impressed with your work. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a marine survey to use your services!

Was great working with you.


Lex L"

West Palm Beach, Florida

"Thanks Bill,

The report is extremely thorough. Much appreciated.

Thanks Again!!!

Keitt M"

Daytona Beach, Florida


"Thanks for the very detailed survey and report on the Bertram".

Andrew L, 

Cape May, New Jersey

"Bill, the report is well written, easy to understand and thorough. 

Additionally, I was able to negotiate another $1,000.00 off the price to take care of the bottom. I am satisfied that I am making a good purchase." 

Luis E.

Miami, FL

"Survey looked great....best job I have seen."

Brad K.

Houston, TX

"Hey Bill,
I was able to review the report yesterday and thought it was very thorough and easy to understand. It really makes a big difference to have it as a guide when tackling all of the recommendations. I also enjoyed being present during the process and found it to be a great experience.

Thanks again,"


Miami, FL

"Thanks! You did a great job as we were told you would!! Thanks for everything."

Carole B.

Clermont, FL

"Hi Bill,

Once again, thank you!

You were great yesterday and I really appreciate your patience and the time and interest you took in working with me and answering my questions. You will be #1 on my list of recommendations.

The report is comprehensive (Nancy even read it and told me to get the batteries taken care of quickly) and written in an actionable manner.

I've already taken care of the safety items and now on to the general work required.

All the best to you and your family,

Miami, FL

"Thanks Bill. I like the report and its format. Very informative and easy to read. I am sure I will be speaking with you about some of your observations."

Bill R.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


I want to thank you for such a thorough survey, sea run and compression check. You were my eyes, ears and hands with this boat as I have never seen nor touched this boat at all.
I am so excited that this all worked out and thankful that you were able to get the boat survey done so quickly.
Thank you,"

Craig S.

New Haven, CT

"Hi Bill,

Great job on the survey. Everyone I have shown it to is impressed...Thank you Bill. Looks very thorough. I know the broker was impressed. 
Thanks again.
Much Appreciated!"

Vinnie H.

New Jersey

"Bill Potter has kept our boat acquisitions surprise free for over twenty six years: He has always taken the time to listen to our ideas on what we're looking for, and give our family sound advice that pointed us in the right direction. His inspections and reports have always guided our way towards making the right decision. Thanks Bill!"

Tim B.

Palmetto Bay, FL

 "Bill already came highly recommended, but I had no idea how valuable his services were until his findings on a survey I contracted him for highlighted an issue with the vessel. That finding probably saved me thousands of dollars and headaches. Bill is a professional and does a thorough job. Would not hesitate to contract him again."

Alex M. 

Miami, FL

"Good day Sir,
Thank you for your time and report the other day for IW. I tis always nice to get a good report back.
It was a pleasure meeting you and I was very interested in what you do. I learned a lot and again thanks for your time."

Kyle S. 

Stuart, FL

"The report was great.
Some repairs needed which I will get done when it arrives here-I sent him up the balance today.
I think it will be a solid boat for sure!
Thanks for all you help Bill- I will recommend you to my guy here who advises a lot of people up in Florida on buying boats"

Andy M. 

Cayman Islands

"Thanks for the quick response Bill, it has been a pleasure doing business with you."

Bob N. 

Lighthouse Point, FL

"Thank you Bill. Tight Work!
Thanks again for coming out today. Your work is second to none. Have a great weekend,"

Art. D. 

Miami, FL

Thank you very much for your help with the re inspection on this Intrepid 400C. You and your company have been excellent to work with and the thoroughness of your survey report is the best that I have ever seen.
Best regards,"
Roy G. 

Charlotte, NC

Nice Survey.
We took a little discount in lieu of repairs and are proceeding forward.

Rick R. 

Amnity, Oregon

"Thanks so much Bill! We appreciate the quality of work and detailed analysis you provided, and are looking forward to the report."

Jerry L
Cudjoe Key, Florida


Looks good; very thorough!"

Captain Mark Hougjhtailing, Magic Fin Charters

Miami, Florida


Thanks for the survey. It was very helpful. The report was great, and gave me a clear idea of what i'm dealing with, and what needs to be taken care of.

Thanks for your help!



Washington DC


The report is quite thorough; love the pictures! We really enjoyed (the survey inspection) as well, and appreciated your humor, advice, diligence and dotting the t's/ and crossing the t's.

Thanks so much again, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!"

Nick Z.

Cap Cod, MA


Excellent report, great job....

Thank you"

Larry N.

Orlando, Florida


I think the report looks great. Very thorough and to the point. The pictures are a nice touch. Thanks again for the hard work and getting it done so quickly. Any time I hear of someone needing survey work, I'll definitely send them your way."

Mike S.

Palmetto Bay, Florida

"Thanks Bill- I read your report and thought it was through and well written. Thanks for the timely and helpful work."

Tim L.

Pinecrest, Florida


Thank you for your speedy assistance and professional service. It was well

Hans M.

Homestead, Florida


Thank you so much for your thorough report. They are fixing everything on the list 

and I should have the boat by the weekend. "

Alex  G.

Boca Raton, Florida

"Dear Bill,

I was very pleased with the detail and thoroughness of your survey.  It helped give

me peace of mind in my selection of boat.  I hope to use your services in the future, 

and I would love to pick your brain on some issues if and when they come up.  

Thanks again and hope to speak to you soon.



Hallandale, Fl.

"Bill - 

Thanks for the survey.  The report is very thorough to say the least.  If I find 

anything down your way I'll be in touch again!

Best regards,"

Peter D, 


"Hey Bill,  

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for your diligence and, what I 

think, was a very through inspection to get a true picture of this boat.  Your efforts 

and hard work make this an easy choice to purchase while eliminating the stressful 

situation surrounding a purchase of this magnitude." 

Robert C.

Destin, Fl.

"Very good 10/10"

Rey M.

Miami, Fl.

"Hey there Bill! - thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

I think the report is spot on based on what we went through during the survey.  I 

expected to have some items that needed attention.  Being a "greenhorn" I just 

wanted to let you know that I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to answer 

some of my very remedial questions. Your explanation of the electrical system was 


It was a pleasure to finally meet you Bill.  I will certainly recommend you to anyone looking 

to purchase a boat.  

Thanks again....."

Joe A, 

Miami, Fl.  
Thanks for a very professional survey."
John P.
Rajasthan, India

"Hey Bill,
Thanks for everything today. I was very satisfied with the thorough job you did. It was a pleasure doing the survey with you, and I will definitely recommend to other people. Thank you again."
Max V
 Miami Florida

"I have known and collaborated with Bill Potter on many projects for almost two decades: He has always looked out for my, and my clients' best interests. Bill focuses on the big picture- looking into the future, and anticipating what my clients' needs will be. Bill has always done everything possible to ensure that my clients needs are met! Recently, I was tasked with acquiring a suitable tender/excursion vessel for an upcoming extended cruise. The timetable was short, and the pressure was high- We had a schedule to keep, and high expectations to meet. Bill was on time, and on point: he accommodated our time schedule, performed a careful inspection, provided a thorough report that he emailed to me in a very timely fashion, and even made some calls to expedite some last minute outfitting that the vessel required for our specific needs. HIs prophecies and concerns about the vessel indeed turned out to be true: Bill helped to see that we met our deadline, and that we sailed on time for our Bahamas cruise. It's reassuring to know that I can count on Bill to help me provide smooth sailing for my yachting program. Thanks Bill!"
Captain James Griffin
Azimut 80
Yellowfin 32
Miami, Florida 
"We have had the pleasure of knowing Bill Potter since our first boat in 1996. We purchased a flats boat and were excited to get it fixed up before our first launch. Since it was an older Hewes Redfisher, we asked "Bob Hewes Boats" for help. They recommended Bill to take a look at it. 
What we didn't realize at the time we purchased the boat, was that we should have had it surveyed before we bought it. Bill spent some time looking at it and told us we should never place it in the water because it would sink: That's when we learned that boats should be surveyed before purchasing. We returned the boat and got most of our money back. Bill encouraged us to keep looking. In fact, when we found a boat that he deemed worthy, we ultimately bought it. We kept that 1991 Hewes Redfisher in our family for 14 years until it was recently sold, still in good condition. 
We have graduated through the years into other boats and Bill has worked with us throughout all of them. His primary focus when helping us update our boats has been on safety. His first recommendation on our Gibson Houseboat was the installation of carbon monoxide detectors throughout the boat- One night, while the generator was running, a CO detector alerted us to a buildup of carbon monoxide gas. In our current boat, a Tiara convertible, He had recommended high water alarms. We recently had the alarm sound when a hose broke, flooding the bilge.
Bill has not only been our surveyor and adviser when helping us with our boats, but he has become a great friend over the years. We always enjoy seeing him and his family out at Elliot Key on their boat."
Jody and Norman Powell
"The Right Combo"
43 Tiara Convertible
Coral Gables, Florida

"Thank you Bill.  It looks great - you hit on every item we could find.  I think this will be smooth from this point forward."
Thanks again,
Tim M.
Riviera Beach, Florida

Great meeting you today. Wish I could have stayed until the end. I appreciate you being so thorough and answering my questions."
Mike P.
West Palm Beach, Florida

From a recent Triton/ Verado survey client:
"Looks great. Thanks so much for your help."

From a recent Cobalt survey client:
"I thought it was awesome! Also, owner wants to fix some things... Nice"
Jan R.
Pinecrest, Florida

Thank you for the survey. I think it was honest and well written."
Chris A
Miami, Florida

"Hey Bill,
Thanks so much, it was great to meet you yesterday. I am really happy with the survey experience you provided. Thanks for taking the time to explain everything to me; it was extremely helpful."
Grant B
Coral Gables, FL

"Bill Potter came recommended to me when I was looking at a boat in Miami. Mr. Potter's knowledge showed in his work. The survey was very thorough. All questions were answered, and he was able to turn a daunting task into a very pleasurable experience. Mr. Potter gave me the peace of mind to continue on with the purchase of the boat. I would highly recommend him for anyone's needs."
Rich Christiansen
Seattle, Washington

"Bill Potter was very easy to contact and work with. His expertise and previous boat ownership allowed him to perform a very thorough inspection. The written report was very detailed and his fee paid for itself because I avoided the headaches and costs that I would have had to absorb instead of the previous owner. He was very easy to contact, and followed up with all of his obligations in a timely manner. Thanks again Bill!"
Jim D.
New Jersey

"Bill Potter came highly recommended as a marine surveyor; and now I know why: His knowledge on boat design, hull geometry, engine performance, maintenance, and trailers is extensive. Bill conducted a very thorough survey on a 10 year old vessel, and was on board for a sea trial. He used the information gathered during the exhaustive inspection to generate a comprehensive report that was quite valuable in making a purchasing decision from 600 miles away. In addition to all of this, Bill was available for phone conversations, and took the time to explain his thoughts and findings. I would recommend that anyone who is interested in a marine survey in South Florida should seek Bill's expertise. Once again, thank you Bill!!"
Ryan Whitelaw
Winder, Georgia

"Bill, I appreciate your time and the professional report"
Bill S.
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

"Thank you so much, this (report) is excellent, and we will proceed with your suggestions. Regards, Ana"
Ana R.
Miami, Florida

"Dear Bill,
Thank you for your help with my Intrepid purchase. I was very impressed with the thorough job you did inspecting every inch of the boat, engines, and equipment. I was able to negotiated several thousand dollars off of the price with little effort because of the findings in your report. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone who is interested in a premium boat."
Sheldon Shapiro
Miami Beach, Florida

"Bill, Thanks for your time Tuesday; it was a pleasure meeting you. You are a true professional, and your knowledge of vessels definitely shows. I hope we can get together for a boat ride!
I will let you know how everything works out.
Thanks for all your help; and educating our family!"
John Wagner III
Orlando, Florida

"Hey Bill, it (the engine survey inspection and report) was perfect; my client loved it, and I was very impressed by your professionalism. Know that from now on, your my man for anyinspection on ant boat, I will be recommending you."
Anthony L.
Miami, Florida

"Very thorough survey. I would have no problem recommending you."
Jim S.
Rhode Island

"Hey Mr. Bill, Thank you so much for your inspection. It far went beyond my expectations, and the emailed report was very detailed. I will be recommending you to others in the future! Thank you again...."
Mike A.
Pembroke Pines, Florida