Pre-Purchase Engine Inspections:

Thinking about buying a boat with used outboard, gas stern drive, or gas inboard engines? It’s not like years ago:

Engines cost real money these days!

Best to get them checked out before you buy!

With almost three decades of “Hands On” engine service and inspection experience,
Bill can prevent a lot of surprises! 

There are good engine technicians around, but few are experienced in pre- purchase inspections- The devil is in the details!

Bill works from long check lists developed from a body of experience that has been refined over almost three decades of inspections:

Compression (additional costs may apply)

Cylinder Wall Condition, if visible

Crank Case Oil Condition and Level

Oil Leaks

Oil Sample Analysis (price available upon request) Engine, transmission and generator: An easy way to gather more very useful information!

Engine Computer Run History and Fault Codes-(Many later model year engine computers store data about how the engine has been run: Amount of time at various rpms, fault codes, overheat events, etc. Bill has the computer and software to access Mercury/ Mercruiser, Yamaha, and Suzuki computers) Less Guessing = More Facts!

Electrical System Condition and Operation

Fuel System Condition and Operation

Engine Mount Condition

Exhaust Manifold Condition

Rust and Corrosion- engine exhausts with known issues are video scoped to assess condition of accessible/ visible exhaust system condition.

Hydraulic System Condition and Operation

Transmission/ Gear Case Oil Condition

Propeller Shaft Condition? Bent? Corrosion? Fish line on shaft? Seal condition?

Propeller Hub/ Cutlass Bearing Condition?

Ease of Starting?

Apparent Water Pressure?

Idle Quality?

Noise Level?

Performance During Water Test?

Warranty Coverage?

Rigging and Set Up?

Is/ Are the Engine(s) Set Up Properly on the Vessel?

Are they Propped Correctly?

Do They Perform Adequately? How much life is left in them?