The Bill Potter Marine Survey Advantage:

Bill Potter will be working for you, and no one else!

"Bill Potter's survey inspection is deliberate and never rushed; he encourages his client(s) to be present if possible, so that they understand the scope of his inspection, and can take the opportunity to ask any questions during the survey inspection. Bill's report is written in a narrative format, and not from a computer program. It is not filled with jargon or confusing language: It is written in a way that is easy for anyone to read and understand. It is detailed and never vague, and includes pictures [in the body of the report] of all major forms, structures, and systems."

With over three decades of “Hands On“ inspection and service experience, Bill Potter has actually inspected and repaired all of the systems and structures aboard vessels,and he has the scars to prove it!

First, six years of dealership experience; then over sixteen years as the founder/owner/ operator of a white glove marine service business that rigged, outfitted, maintained and repaired a fleet of almost a thousand of boat: Many were regular clients, which gave Bill the opportunity to see the gradual deterioration, and sometimes the catastrophic failure of structures and systems, and what the results would be. Can it be repaired? Should it be repaired? What is it really going to take to make the proper repairs? There can be a lot of pressure on a service provider when he or she knows that the boat they are fixing is not going to go away: You better fix it right, or you’ll have to answer to your client when the repair that you recommended fails. Bill lived that reality for over three decades- Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!  

This experience has given Bill a better sense of knowing what normal deterioration is, and what is, or what is going to become, a problem. What really needs to be fixed?

Best not to make a mountain out of a mole hill!


With almost three decades of inspection, repair, and surveying experience, Bill can perform a thorough inspection and clearly communicate his findings.

Bill Potter’s survey report is detailed, yet easy to read and understand; it will go a long way in adding the peace of mind that his client is looking for. Bill is always standing by to talk to his client (expert or novice) about his findings, and make sense of what it all means!